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2009-07-14 03:48 pm

Shredded: Day Nine


Not as much dread today. Granted, I still don't really want to do this, but I find that if I do it earlier in the day then I feel more willing to actually workout. Failed at actually getting up to my alarm today, though. Oops? Means I get to be sweaty until I can either convince my mom to watch the kids for the time it takes to shower or until after the kids have gone to bed tonight (in which case I can take a long bath). And anyway, I'm a little torn up, because showering every day strips the moisture from your body and from your hair. But I hate being all sweaty and ugh.


I feel better now that I've done the shred. I still phone it in during the first circuit, I find. I really hate push ups... But I don't take breaks for the rest of it, so I guess I can't complain, right? The one exercise that is still killer is the last one in the strength training. Not the side lunges, which are no big deal, but the raises. My shoulders are always tight afterwards. And, as a side complaint, the cool down and stretching period really doesn't give much time to properly stretch out the muscles used. I always want to do some more stretching when she says we're done. But. Uh. Not usually enough to keep going. I wind up doing stretches later on in the day before going to bed.

New schedule should be Shred in the morning and Yoga before bed. Now to actually force myself out of bed first thing in the morning...

I need a drink now.
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2009-07-13 12:40 am

Shredded: Day Eight


I really, really don't want to do this. Logically, I know why I wanted to do this. And the reasoning is still sound. (Hello, I'm tired of being over weight and hating the way I look in pictures!) I think I'm just really getting bored with doing the same thing over and over and over again. I know, three more days of this and then I get to switch things up. Still. Bored. And while I could probably throw on a different workout movie, they're all a lot longer than the Shred. An hour, as opposed to 20 minutes. And I'm tired. But if I spend anymore time bitching about this, it'll never get done. *sigh*


I feel better for having done my shred. Pride of accomplishment. Or that squeaky clean feeling after having a shower. It really doesn't matter which, right? I need to work on doing this in the mornings again though. Waiting all day is just not good. By the time evening hits I don't want to do it anymore, where as if I eat, then do the shred then shower I feel like I can tackle my day and do pretty much anything. Priorities, right? I need to get into the habit of getting up bright and early so I can do this while the kids are sleeping. Me time. And keep it up when school starts, even though I plan on hitting the pool during the week for laps when school starts up again too. I need to make a positive change in my life, because.... Because I deserve it. I deserve to be fit and healthy and to have energy. And I know when I work out in the morning I have more energy, I feel more awake. So... not so much for how I feel after today's but more goals for the future. That works, right? ;)

And a Rant!

WHY IS IT SO FUCKING WEIRD THAT AN OVERWEIGHT GIRL LIKE ME WORKS OUT?! I am seriously getting pissed off at the way people either seem to think I'm making it up, or that I can't do it, or confused because obviously the fact that I am overweight means I don't give a shit. I do. I care about my weight and the way I feel. And I'm making an honest effort to change. I may bitch about how much I don't want to do this, but I do it anyway. I know that there will come a point where I won't be able to imagine not working out every day, in the same way that I can't imagine not listening to music. But it will take time for me to get there. I know this. I accept this. But seriously, if you call yourself my friend and are spending your time waiting for me to fail? I don't need you.

...and I need to talk to my mom about this too. I'm making myself accountable by blogging about this. By making my sister do this with me. But just doing the shred isn't enough of a change. Healthy eating is next on the list. I need to find myself a good, sweet raspberry vinaigrette. Then I'll be set. Because salads will be like dessert. Yummy. ;) Less midnight snacking, but more eating during the day (I tend to skip breakfast and lunch). And healthier meals. Wish me luck.
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2009-07-12 12:40 am

Shredded: Day Seven


I don't want to do this. I haven't wanted to do this at all today. I'm hitting the mother fucking wall.


I'm done. Pouring sweat and cranky, for the most part. I know why I wanted to do this, and I still want to lose the weight, but... ugh. I can guarantee that if Chrissy wasn't doing this with me I would have dropped out.
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2009-07-11 12:38 am

Shredded: Day Six

Skipping today's shred, which makes me feel really bad, but a cyst flared up in my right ovary and it hurts to even walk right now. I can't imagine that this will improve while doing jumping jacks and butt kicks, let alone crunches. I think I should seriously see a doctor and complain that these cysts are interfering with my day to day life, and I can't keep it up.

In other news, I had fun last night, and my belief that Nathan Fillion is both hot and funny has been renewed. Also, I have a suicidal teddy bear. I intend to take pictures and post them later. That is all.

ETA: Instead of doing the shred when I felt better I went dancing for at least 3 hours straight. That totally counts, right?
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2009-07-10 12:37 am

Shredded: Day Five


I'm torn between wanting to do the shred and not wanting to. Not because it hurts, because it's getting so much better now. Because I don't have time to shower right after--my mother has informed me that she won't babysit my kids when I'm at home. So showering is kind of out, y'know? It doesn't help that mom keeps walking into my room and bitching because I'm not cleaning. She seems very impressed with Chrissy for doing the Shred, but determined to see me fail. Lovely... I wonder if I should print off some research that suggests that regular exercise is considered beneficial to people who suffer from depression and anxiety?


I added hand weights to the routine. Let's ignore that I should have been using them from the beginning. Much harder, even though they're only tiny 1 lb weights. I'm sweaty and feel icky because of it, but I feel good about having done the Shred for the day. So far, Hell Month is beginning to look a bit better. Although I'll bet Level Two (and Three) will kick my ass in the beginning just like Level One did. Still, I am seeing an improvement in how much I can do before wimping out. Push ups should still go to Hell. As should bicycle crunches.

On a bright note, I am officially half way through finishing Level One! GO ME!
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2009-07-09 12:36 am

Shredded: Day Four


Holy Shit. My arms aren't hurting this morning. Neither are my calves. My thighs and ass are still mildly sore, but everything else is feeling good. Is this a sign that the pain is going to end soon? That there is an improvement going on here? I can only hope. Kids are eating breakfast, so it's time to do this!


No shaky, weak feelings today either. I attributed yesterday's lack to the fact that I ate first, but today I didn't eat first and yet I'm still feeling great. More signs of improvement, especially when we consider the fact that I'm able to do most of this without taking a break. The first circuit is always killer though. Those jump rope moves and the push ups I just fail at. But I keep on goin' which has to count for something, right?
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2009-07-08 12:35 am

Shredded: Day Three


OMG. I'm either sick or doing this shred is killing me. I passed out shortly after midnight and woke up shortly after noon. That's twelve hours. I don't remember my alarm going off (though I didn't shove my iPod in there, so that could make a difference) and I don't know if the kids came and poked at me or not. They usually don't, though. Twelve hours, though, and I'm still achy and tender. And I still feel exhausted. I'm eating before doing my shred. My body demands food.


I feel less shaky and drained than I have the past few days. Still sweaty, of course. Stopping less, although the push ups in cycle one kill me every damned time, I always finish the last cycle, or circuit, or whatever without stopping at all. So there's some definite improvement going on. It's getting a little bit easier, although I'm not seeing a physical change just yet. I know, it's only day three, so what kind of improvement am I expecting, right? Still. I can't wait to be seeing a change. ;)
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2009-07-07 12:28 am

Shredded: Day Two


It's 10:30 in the morning and I'm still waking up. I feel sore all over, which is not so unusual after a hard workout the day before. I don't want to do this, but I know I need to. I really hope that this thing works, because if it doesn't I'm going to be pissed off.

Weight is 180 according to the Wii Fit. I seriously need to lose weight...


Kill me now... Actually, it wasn't too bad. No worse than yesterday, and better in some places. I couldn't get as deep into some of the stretches as I normally would, but that's because I'm still sore and achy from yesterday. Now to go convince the kids to behave for another ten or so minutes so I can shower and then grab something to eat.

Torchwood will be mine without the wait today! ;) What about you,
[ profile] cute_krissie ?

Anyone else want to get in on this month? We can form a small little support group. :D
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2009-07-06 12:34 am

Shredded: Day One

Today marks not only the start of Torchwood week, but also the Month of Hell. And it's another day in the whole cleaning and rearranging of my bedroom (I had to take time off for Swapathon on Saturday and a birthday party yesterday). Sadly, I did not get rid of nearly enough clothing, as I still require three dressers. Shocking, I know. I'm still not done, either, but I took some time off to do today's shred.

I'm not achy so much as feeling weak and drained. I'm really not accustomed to doing this much, and so it makes me feel like just collapsing in bed and whimpering for the next week. ;) But I did manage to finish it all off for the day. I have Torchwood downloading and I'll use the time until it's done and the kids are in bed to finish up with my room.

How do I feel about the shred? I feel hopeful. I'm trying to cut out the Pepsi I drink, or at least cut down, in the hopes that the less I drink of pop the more I'll lose. And I have to stop with the midnight snacks. I've been drinking more iced tea instead of pop, and I'm looking for a good recipe for homemade iced tea (anyone have one to share?) because I'm pretty sure that I could make one that would be better. And I usually prefer my tea without sugar, so I imagine an iced tea would be good without sugar, or a lot less sugar, too.

Anyway. All for now. I really need to finish this!